People assume that the best part about being a Realtor must be showing high end homes or celebrating closing day. While those are both true, and AMAZING perks of this job, I’d have to say that my very favorite thing is hearing from a client that says… “My friend is going to call you. They need your help.”

We helped the S family sell their first home last year. We helped them buy it 6 years before. Before they even closed on their new home, we helped not one, but TWO of their friends buy homes as well. B meant it when she said “I highly recommend him to everyone I know!” 

I am so grateful when our clients pass our name along. I am so happy when our years of experience make some else’s life a little easier. I wanted to share this testimonial because it summarizes the best parts of our job: our loyal clients and their friends. We love what we do. Truly.