Hey there. My name is Melissa. But you can call me Mel. We are friends right? I love red wine 🍷 and Houston πŸŒƒ. You’ll find me in flip flops more than πŸ‘ heels. I read πŸ“– every single day. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend. πŸ’• I am a dog momma. I am a 🏠 real estate investor. I also run a very successful real estate team. 🏑

I have been helping people achieve the American dream since 1999. πŸ—“ I used to be a little 😬 self conscious saying how long I’ve been selling real estate. Now I am proud to say our team has helped over 1000 people with their real estate needs.

If you’ve been around here awhile drop a πŸ™Œ in the comments. If you are new, say hi πŸ‘‹.